Our Cleaning Commitment

Staying clean during COVID-19

We take cleaning VERY seriously. While we regularly deep clean our spaces on a routine schedule, we are currently taking additional steps to ensure a safe and enjoyable travel experience. We don’t want you to take anything home except great memories (and maybe some souveniers). Listed below are some of the extra precautions we are taking:

Cleaning Protocols & Cleaning Products: Swank Houses always use cleaning products and protocols that are effective against viruses, and we’ve amplified this effort. Additionally, we always use fragrence-free products to enure a pleasant experience for everyone.

Guest Rooms:
Our turn-over team members go by extensive cleaning and sanitizing protocols. We pay particular attention to high-touch surfaces including door handles, electronics, faucets, and appliances. When entering a home for cleaning, we open all doors and windows for optimal air flow. In an effort to reduce unnecessary room access, we’ve minimized housekeeping to upon-guest-request. Air purifiers are also available upon request.

Additional Concerns:
While some Swank Houses share walls with other suites, there is not exchange in the HVAC systems. All units operate on their own individual intake systems.