Make your one-night or extended stay exceptional

Stay classy, traveler! We take pride in bringing elegance and comfort to the overnight experience. With a new vision for the hospitality scene in Ashland, we’ve created environments to relax in luxury—locally-rooted and with delightful touches. You might be headed to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival or touring Rogue Valley wine country, but we hope you’ll return again for the joy you felt at one of our beautifully appointed properties.


Every Swank House’s unique history and architecture has guided its updated design. We honor each home’s narrative while turning up the dial on its comfort and conveniences. From mid-century modern to contemporary Victorian, every design decision has been influenced by best parts of a home’s past.

We get our kicks from the challenge of authentic restoration, balanced with stylish design for the modern traveler.


Blooming from deep roots in the Rogue Valley, The Hogges founded Swank House in 2012. While serving as the local farmer’s market manager, Abby’s admiration for local provisions inspired her vision for an upgraded Ashland experience — one focused on connecting people with new places by celebrating the purveyors of the local community.

Coupled with grit, determination and a whole lot of sweat equity, Abby and Matt are on a relentless mission to lay the canvas for your next vacation memory.


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